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Beginners Drum les

From the first count behind the drum set by our drumlessons in Den Haag, the student plays through different styles and how the drums and drummers have evolved over the years! With a combination of exercises and playing songs, the instrument is mastered in a musical and playful way. The building and repetition of repertoire lays the foundation for further development.

Advanced Players Already banging the drums for a couple of years? Or even longer? Often advanced players reach a certain point where they get 'stuck' and the progress in no longer notable. By freshing up your repertoire and skills you will improve your vocabulary.

Also when playing in a band and there's need to refresh your grooves or fills, so you just would like to learn more about the system 'behind the music': you're at the right address. After an assessment your teacher will develop a learning plan to get you to the point where you want to be!


Starting point on this guitar school is 'have fun while playing'. The method is chosen by the teacher and tuned to your needs. Playing tunes you picked, complementary to lessons in styles, theory and rhythmic development will make you a better player. In this way not only a bigger repertoire is built but you will also get familiar with the system 'behind the music'. This makes the lessons interesting and instructive and makes a great base for a musical career!
It is possible to work from an existing bass guitar method using a book and audio. This can be a great way to focus on a specific artist, style or technique.

Rhytmic development

By playing exercises and specific tunes you'll develop a good sense of timing. whether it's a shuffle or a straight beat, a big drum fill or just a small rest, the most important part of drumming is knowing when to change the groove, and maybe even more important; when not to!


Complementary activities

The drummer has a driving character, for accompanying other instruments, therefore it's always a part of something bigger: a band or ensemble. Playing with other musicians uncovers the true character of the drums. On this music school we provide bandcoaching where you will form a band and develop repertoire with other people, this process is led by one of our bandcoaching teachers.


A couple of times a year we organize concerts. Students can play a tune in a concert setting: real audience (family, friends, other students), real stage and real spotlights! This is a great way to show other people what you've learned and is a good good preparation for performing with a band. This is is not a mandatory part of the lessons, although very recommended. In advance of the concerts the lessons will focus on preparing and performing the tune.



The drumlessons are provided by Ravian de Ruig. Specialized in Rock, Hip Hop & Funk.

Ravian has been the drummer of Raggae/pop band Piñata for more than 6 years, he also is the producer and drummer of the bands Tumbleweed and Cockney's World of Elastic Snakes. He had tours and performances in Madeira, Aruba, Curacao, Spain & more...






Lesson formats

The drum guitar lessons take place in The Hague. We offer both group lessons (max. 2) and private lessons. Lessons take 30 min or 60 min, weekly or bi-weekly. Lessons are offered in English or Dutch.



Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions, we take the time to offer you a program fitting your needs. Contact us by phone 070 392 08 09 or email: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


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